Steady As The Rhythm Of A Clock

Posted on Friday, 31 May

It’s been a hell of a week; O’CLICHé is in two days away, about to quit my publishing job, on the erge of forging a new business vision. Without a doubt i know have been slacking when it comes to creations, will step up muy output from tomorrow. just like yesterday thoughts are still in progress. Have sketched wine bottle labels to be presented to all participants of O’CLICHé, thus, am keeping on with design each day.


Down Edition: Thoughts In Progress

Posted on Thursday, 30 May

Down Edition: Thoughts In Progress


Posted on Wednesday, 29 May









Manifestation Of

Crafted fate 

La Mia Italia

Posted on Tuesday, 28 May

La Mia Italia

Box Unwrapped

Posted on Tuesday, 28 May

Slowly bridging layers of distance between.
Last night we hit it on, then like now none like then,
Grey moon met brightly lit emotions
we sank deep into the belly of ecstasy riding horse back; blinds down front
Sipping Chilean merlot out sheepskin.
Bare skin in warm skin; I dare you to see the smile on her face, your face.
Now we’ve arrived, no longer at loggerheads over skins and risks
Unraveled emotions ever so present.
Wild fling shots
White slinky fluids lands on the left moon; right catches light
Finally got your thighs on eye level
Skin will rub skin
No ship sets sail to be sank
Beyond the place where the sun rests and moon arises
Awaits my red, passion ready to bleed.

Clear In Murky Clouds

Posted on Sunday, 26 May

Mother of the other has silently arisen in me 

The drive once so fiercely burning within.

To be the bearer of crocodiles through dams and lakes

Insert myself into the main only to know and desert the known

Bring about vision, never sighted under the sun, that men might be blind at its sight.

 Steady progression as if the moon never set and the night lasted ever so on and on



Posted on Saturday, 25 May

intention: Dreams Of The Dead

Posted on Friday, 24 May

Dandy’ O.  

Posted on Thursday, 23 May

The Union

Posted on Wednesday, 22 May

Mama said ‘no chocolate before dinner’, she has no idea I had two mars bars before Apollo 1 took off.  

Did minor alterations to the the illustration. It’s been a long day, thus I decided to be a hen, take the easy road by doing this. Then again, this is something i have created today.